Man chased away from a funeral for wearing a facemask

A man in Mombasa County was kicked out of a funeral service for wearing a facemask.

The man who had attended the funeral to pay his last respect to the deceased found himself between a rock and a hard place when he was questioned why he was wearing a face mask.

“I was among the people involved in washing the body. While at it, one of the gentleman asked me why I was wearing a facemask. At first I smiled it away but he got angry and asked me again, that is when I knew things were taking a different turn,” said the man whose name we have concealed for security reasons.

He added the episode did not deter him from wearing his facemask.

“Once upon a time I used to believe Covid-19 is a scam but with the second wave hitting us again. I have chosen to join the war against Covid-19 other than being ignorant about it,” he said.