Showcased for the first time in 2019 at Paris Peace Forum Inuka!, a project implemented by Search For Common Ground in the Coastal of Kenya has continued to secure vulnerable youths at risk of radicalisation in the region.

Through its smart innovation called Mvuvi Smart Card, Search has transformed conflicts…

Ashraf dancers performing a creative piece during the first youth arts talent show to be held in Garissa County. The group emerged the winner out of 22 performers.

The much-awaited Jamii Bila Balaa Youth Arts Talent Show kicked off on the 4th December 2020 in Garissa County.

The one of its kind competition was the center of attraction as youths turned up in large numbers to show case their talents in the first ever talent show to be…

Community asks for more knowledge on Home Based Isolation

Residents of Kwale County have called upon the ministry of health and key stakeholders in the fight against Covid-19 to provide more information about home based care for people who test positive for the virus.

Speaking during a community dialogue organized…

Dominick Mwambui

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